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I was a professional stage entertainer for over thirty years in musicals, plays and pantomimes.

As a professional singer for over twenty years, I played with and supported many popular acts and I released two albums of original material with minor success internationally.

But it was the love of stage that finally convinced  me to retire from singing and pursue a career in stage writing.

I have used the experience I gained on stage to write high quality pantomimes and plays perfectly adaptable for amateur and professional stage productions.

I wanted to break away from the same old tired pantomimes that seem to be done to death. Instead my pantomimes are all different, fresh and original.  I still tread the boards occasionally in local stage productions and I also direct when needed.

Over the last five years I have turned my hand to Novella and Novel writing and I have secured publishing contracts from London and Canada. I have released three novels to date and another two will be released in 2023. There are also four so far scheduled for 2024.

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