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Whats On the Writing Table?

The Ripper Returns has now been re-written and is a part of a series of full length murder mystery plays called "The Inspector Wells Mysteries". This first outing for the Inspector is called "The Grumbalds Ash Murders".

The second instalment of the series is not named yet but is a locked door murder based on an actual case back in the early 1900's. It is on my writing table now.

Senior moments has now become a series of seven radio plays, four one act plays and a full length comedy farce. All will be available on this website soon.

A Trip North!


It was raining when we set off.

I co-write with Steve and he had asked if I fancied a trip to Leeds to see one of his pantomimes, The Sword in the Scone. I’m just a southern softie and Leeds sounded awfully northern, especially with the last thrashings of Storm Arwen about, but I was intrigued to see Steve’s panto performed and readily agreed.

So we set off with Steve driving and accompanied by his mother-in-law Pam and son Thomas. The weather soon brightened and we had an easy drive, motorway all the way. After just 4 hours on the road, including a comfort break, a rainbow greeted us as we arrived.

Our destination was Whitkirk, located in East Leeds, and the community hall that provided the venue was spacious and welcoming.  It soon filled up and the packed audience were anticipating an evening of music and laughter. They were not disappointed.

I don’t intend giving an in depth review of the performance. Suffice to say that baddies were booed, heroes were cheered and the hall rang with laughter. Having been denied live theatre for two years the good people of Whitkirk were clearly in the mood to make up for lost time.

Special mention must go to some people, though. Louise Norbury-Robinson took on the role of Dame, an unusual challenge for a female. However, she carried it off with aplomb. Merlin had an enormous number of lines to learn and deliver and did so confidently and with style. Brian the Dragon stole every scene he was in.

The Whitkirk Arts Guild can be immensely proud of their production under the supervision of Director Laura Harvey who really did provide a super vision.

Finally, of course, there is the small matter of the script. Steve has done yet another excellent job providing a twist on a well-known story to create something exceptionally different. Well done to all concerned!

Our drive back south was once again straightforward during another sunny day, quelling my fears of the rain and windswept north.

It was raining when we arrived home.


I love creating fresh, new pantomime scripts for the stage. Pantomime is my first love but the classic five or six Pantomimes have all been done to death. So that's how my original take on classic stories was born. I know there are lots of theatre groups and clubs that all think the same. So this site is for them.  

Congratulations to Whitkirk Arts Guild on their production of "The sword in the Scone".

A great show.

And thank you for presenting me with my very own sword to commemorate the event.

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