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Dick Whittington

Now I expect you all know the story of brave Dick and how he became Mayor of London, but in case you don’t or you need to remind your parents, it is the tale of an intrepid young man who walks from his home in Gloucestershire all the way to London to find work.

Once there, he meets and befriends a cat, Tommy, who proves to be both mischievous and exceedingly clever.  Dick manages to get a job at Fitzwarren’s Stores where he meets the gorgeous Alice and falls in love with her.  But this is just the beginning of his tale.

What follows is a fast paced adventure involving the wicked scheming of King Rat and his army of rats, an ocean voyage, shipwreck, treachery and redemption plus an assortment of songs, jokes and traditional panto routines.  Oh yes there are!       

You will also encounter a cast of colourful characters; Fairy Dot, complete with powerful magic and a terrible memory, Sarah the Cook who’s dumplings are the talk of the town, Idle Jack the apprentice who works in the store, allegedly, Captain Kipper and Mister Mate, a right pair of muddling mariners, a mysterious, musical Mermaid and the mighty Sultan of Morocco with his fanatical followers. 

So join us as we explore the true story of Dick Whittington … and his cat.  This Fresh, New, Original Pantomime has something for every audience.

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