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The Sword in the Scone

Good king Uther Pendragon has died with no heir. It's up to Merlin, yet again, to find the next king of Camelot. With the help of some dubious knights and some really bad cooking, Merlin finds the next future king, Arthur, when he pulls the sword of Avalon from an overbaked scone. With sword in hand Arthur reluctantly sets out to defeat the evil witch Morgana and the Dragon in a riotously funny quest to become the true king of Camelot and rescue the Lady Guinevere held captive by the dragon.

For a Free Sample of this Fresh New Pantomime Script click  HERE

Pictures Courtesy of Aubyn Live Theatre's Production 2019


Thank you to Whitkirk Arts Guild who presented me with my own Sword. It went straight on my wall. What a great production "Sword in the Scone" it was too.

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